What's interesting in the New Support Page?

One thing in the world that never changes is the ‘Change’.  So what’s the new change at Navia? It’s the newly groomed Support Portal. Groomed in terms of look, content and user interface!


Where is this Support Page?

Right in your Trading App!


Get your queries clarified in your preferred language. Yes, the solutions are now available in both Hindi and Englis

Get to know the hot topic in discussion!

Get to know what’s hot now!Even if you miss to know it, a navigation to Support Portal while directly drag your attention to the most talked topic – The Featured!

Know what is mostly asked by others like you

You may have a query and when you navigate to Support Portal, you may find that many others like you had the same query and found an answer somewhere here!

Get answer to your queries in the Support Page

Modern days are busy days where we want to get answers on our own. We don’t want to get in touch with someone to get an answer. This is what we had tried to work on. Now you don’t need to call, write of chat to get a clarification. Search for your query and get the answer right on the page!

Rate a FAQ good if you like it or bad if you don’t like!

Now post your thoughts on a FAQ by liking or not liking. Just scroll to the bottom of the FAQ page and post your feedback.

Let your ratings speak. Good articles will be bettered, and bad articles will be reworked!

This is what will happen to your feedbacks. Your ‘likes’ will go to the Good Basket and your dislikes will go to ‘To be Reworked Basket’. While we had taken best efforts to answer all possible questions in a simple way in our Solutions section, there is always a scope to be better. And we want those suggestions to come from you as you are the best to give us those suggestions.

Raise Ticket from FAQ Article itself!

Solutions should help you get your queries answered. If for some reason, you don’t have it there, just ‘Create a Ticket’ from the option given at the bottom of the solution article.

Personalized Support page

At the time of raising a ticket, you may notice that email gets pre-filled with your email id! Yes, it’s your personalized page. You may also view the history of your interactions with us. This is now your Support Portal carrying your information.

Track the status of your ticket from the Portal itself! 

This is something new! Track the status of your tickets right in the Support page. Know if your query is still open.

Get quicker resolution of tickets raised from Support Page

While the normal tickets have 48 hours resolution time, get a resolution within a maximum of 3 hours for the tickets raised through the Support page!

These efforts are made to provide all possible clarification – in line, in App and on Spot. Take the pain of reaching us only if you do not get your queries resolved here. We strongly believe that the FAQs and solutions created, help you get an answer without calling us!

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