Why am I not able to see my shares under Holdings in the Trading Platform?

This could occur if your account is not enabled with POA or DDPI. DDPI is basically the Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction through which clients authorize the Trading Member and Depository Participant (i.e.,Navia Markets) to deliver shares from their demat account each time they sell the stock in the market/ offer for Buy Back/ redeem Mutual fund units or to pledge stocks for margin purpose.

Each time you sell as stock, you are obligated to deliver them from your demat account to the Clearing Corporation for settlement. This is commonly known as securities pay-in obligation. This can be done seamlessly, if POA or DDPI is enabled in your demat account. DDPI basically empower us to honour securities pay-in obligation by taking the stocks sold (only if sold) from your demat account and deliver them to Clearing Corporation. 

In the past, we offered the EDIS (Electronic Delivery Instruction) facility as an alternative for delivering shares if POA or DDPI wasn't enabled. However, we noticed that clients faced challenges with receiving OTPs to authorize sale transactions from the Depository server. It was also inconvenient for them to authenticate each time they wanted to execute a sale transaction. 

Hence, we have now stopped EDIS and suggest clients to move to DDPI option. Normally, there's a cost associated with enabling DDPI because we need to e-stamp the authorization. However, we are now providing it free of charge (till April, 30, 2024) to encourage clients to enable DDPI. Enabling it is simple and easy. Just click here, login with your credentials, scroll down the logged in page till you find DDPI and follow on screen instructions. Please note that it will take minimum 24 working hours to enable DDPI after you give a request. Clients holding joint demat account will have to necessarily using physical form to enable DDPI. Read here for more details

Kindly note that you will not be able to sell stocks without POA or DDPI as we will not be able to deliver them to Clearing Corporation for pay-in. This will eventually end up in short sales. Hence, to prevent this, we've ceased uploading stocks in accounts which does not carry POA or DDPI authorization. 


Enable DDPI

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