How does the Brokerage Plans work?

What are the brokerage plans available for Resident Indians?

There are two discount brokerage plans available with Navia:  

  1. Smart Flat 99 
  2. U Win We Win
  3. Flat Pro 499 Plan 

Smart Flat 99  Plan  :  

First 30 Trades Free for all Derivative Segments

From the 31st trade - Rs 9 or 0.05%, per trade (whichever is lower)

Best suited for New Entrants & occasional traders

U Win We Win :

Pay only when you earn profit on intra day equity trades

Zero Brokerage on loss making trades

Exclusively for Intra-day Equity Traders

Flat Pro 499 Plan :  

Unlimited Derivative Trades

Any Segments, Any value, Any Number of Trades

Best suited for Pro Traders

What will be the brokerage when the account is opened?

You will, by default be, placed under Smart Flat 99. This plan will become active the day on which you trade in any derivative segment and your ledger will be debited with Rupees 99 + GST towards brokerage. You will therefore, be able to make first 30 trades in any derivative segment at Zero Brokerage cost. Note that Regulatory and statutory charges shall be applicable. 

What happens once the 30 trades free trades under Smart Flat 99 are exhausted?

From 31st trade, brokerage would be Rs. 9 per traded order or .05% whichever is lower. At the beginning of next month the Brokerage plan will be reset to 99 Plan with 30 trades at Zero Brokerage

How does plan upgrade work?

You may email your request from our support portal. The upgrade will be done within 24 working hours of submitting the request

You get dual benefit when you upgrade from Smart Flat 99  to Flat Pro 499 Plan. 

1) You can Trading unlimited in all derivative segment at Zero Brokerage 

2) You have choice of 2 Trading Platforms, i.e Navia Trading Application or Rocket Plus Trading Application at Zero additional cost. 

When upgraded from 99 plan to 499 plan , what will be the amount debited for the month?

If you are in 99 plan and you have already been debited the plan fee of Rs.99 for the month, on upgrading you will be debited Rs.400 plus gst ( 499 - 99). If you have not been debited already, the entire plan fee of Rs.499 plus GST will be debited 

Does  the monthly plan fee work on pro-rata basis?

No, it works on calendar month basis. The subscription amount swiped during the month is valid only for that calendar month irrespective of the date of debit. No matter on what date you do the first trade, the full plan fee will de debited to the ledger for the month. 


Can I downgrade my plan from 499?

Yes, you may downgrade your plan from 499 plan to 99 plan by writing from from our support portal. Please note that when you downgrade, your Trading platform will be shifted to Navia Trading Application, if the platform you are using currently is Rocket Plus.  However please note that the plan fee of Rs.499 already debited will not be refunded. 

The plan fee of Rs.99 post the downgrade will be debited to your account from the next month when you initiate a trade.  You will be eligible for 30 free trades in Derivative segments under the 99 plan. From 31st trade, brokerage would be Rs. 9 per traded order or .05% whichever is lower. At the beginning of next month the Brokerage plan will be reset to 99 Plan with 30 trades at Zero Brokerage

What are the segments available in 99 plan and 499 plan?

You can trade in all derivative segments viz, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Commodity and Currency derivatives with both the plans. Brokerage for Equity delivery cash is 0 and intraday is Rupees 9 per trade or 0.05% whichever is lower.

Note: Maximum brokerage allowed is 2.5% of trade value as per Exchange rules for Equity and futures. For Options, 1% of the value of Premium or Rs.100/ - per lot. Therefore if the Flat plan Fee  exceeds the above on the traded value, the excess brokerage amount over and above mentioned value shall be credited to your account at the end of the month after validating the trades.

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