Unlimited Volume, Flat Rate, 0% Brokerage, Derivative Trading Plans, across all segments. NO TRADES.. NO CHARGES. Discount Broking in real sense. 

What are the brokerage plans available for Resident Indians?

There are two discount brokerage plans available with Tradeplus:  

  1. Smart Flat 99 
  2. Flat Pro 499 Plan 

Smart Flat 99  Plan  :  All Derivatives Segments  - Rs. 99 per Monthly plan fee with  Zero Brokerage for first 30 Trades and from 31st trade the brokerage would be Rs. 9 per traded order or .05% , whichever is lower

Flat  Pro 499 Plan :  All Derivatives Segments  - Rs. 499 per Month plan fee with zero brokerage 

Equity Intraday - Rs.9  per Traded Order or 0.05% whichever is lower | Delivery trades - Zero Brokerage 

What brokerage will I get when I open an account?

You will, by default be, placed under Rupees 99 per month plan. This plan will become active on the day on which you trade in any derivative segment and your ledger will be debited with Rupees 99 + GST towards brokerage. You will therefore, be able to make first 30 trades in any derivative segment at 0 cost.

 What happens once I have done 30  trades under 99 plan ?

From 31st trade, brokerage would be Rs. 9 per traded order or .05% whichever is lower. At the beginning of next month the Brokerage plan will be reset to 99 Plan with 30 trades at Zero Brokerage

How does plan upgrade work?

You may email your request to support@tradeplusonline.com

What are the advantages of upgrading to 499 plan?

You get dual benefit of Trading unlimited in any segment along with an option to choose to the Trading Platform, Viz Rocket or INFINI Trading Platform at 0 additional cost.

Does  the monthly plan fee work on pro-rata basis?

No, it works on calendar month basis. The subscription amount swiped during the month is valid only for that month irrespective of the date of debit. No matter on what date you do the first trade, the full plan fee will de debited to the ledger 


Can I downgrade my plan from 499?

Yes, you may by writing to us at support@tradeplusonline.com.. Please note that when you downgrade, your Trading platform will be shifted to Rocket, if the platform you are using currently is not Rocket. 

What are the segments available in 99 plan and 499 plan?

You trade in all derivative segments viz, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Commodity and Currency derivatives with both the plans. Equity delivery cash is 0 and intraday is Rupees 9 per trade or 0.05% whichever is lower.