Why does Exchange sends SMS and Email about Funds & Securities?

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Here is the clarification. Let’s read the exact message that you would get from Exchange. It will be like the one shown below

We need to understand few points here

This balance reported is as on a particular date
It mentions your ledger balance
It also mentions the value of stocks help in Client unpaid securities pledge account (CUSPA)

The first 2 points are clear. So when you receive this message, check for the balance in your Trading ledger as on the date mentioned in the SMS.


The security balance mentioned in the SMS, if any, refers to the value of your stocks held by us in our favour to cover your ledger debit, if any. This is however, not possible as we do not provide extra limit to purchase shares except under Funding product. Hence, this will mostly be 0.


Why is Funds and Securities balance sent to clients?

The message on Funds and Securities balance is sent by the exchange for information purposes. These frequentmonthly SMS, emails from NSE, BSE, and MCX with details of funds and securities, are part of SEBI's initiative for enhanced supervision.

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