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I can't login. What should I do?

If you're unable to log in, the follow could be the reason 

1) You are entering the wrong Username

2) You are entering wrong Password

3) Your account is suspended

Wrong Username

User name is other wise know as your Trading Code/ Broking Code/ UCC (Unique Client Code). You may check this by following below given steps

1) Click on Problem with Login 

2) Tap Forgot UCC

3) Follow On screen Instructions

Suspended account

If your account is suspended visit Re KYC page to activate account. Please note that joint accounts can be activated only through physical mode. Check how to activate account online and offline here

Wrong Password

If you've forgotten your password, click the "Problem with Login" option to reset it and follow on screen instructions. 

Enter your registered client code. 

Check your email for a reset password received in the mail. 

Can I change password?

Yes, you can change your password. To do so: 

1) Log in to your account. 

2) Go to your account settings. 

3) Look for “Settings” options 

4) Select the "Change Password" option 

Follow the prompts to update your password. 

I am not getting OTP. What to do?

We trigger OTP to both your registered mobile number as well as to your email id. If you haven't received in mobile, check for it in email inbox and vice versa. If you have not received in both, regenerate and wait for sometime. If you still not receive it, contact us for assistance and set up an alternate way though which you may securely login to Navia App without OTP. Watch video to know more 

I have blocked my password. What to do?

If you have blocked your account by typing wrong password multiple times use the 

“Problem with Login” option and follow on screen instructions.


I am not able to view the scrips added to Market Watch. What to do?

1) Go to Accounts

2) Clear Cache 

3) Logout and Re Login

4) Add scrip again to view them

The App says 'Something went wrong

It's tough to say what's wrong without more info, but the issue might be with our service or your computer's connection to us.

First, please check our announcements page to see if we know about the issue and are fixing it. Even though we work to keep things smooth, sometimes our servers can glitch, especially due to dependency on lot of external factors, such as vendor servers, our connectivity with Exchanges, usage etc.,

If you're still having trouble, try these steps before anything else:

1) Clear your Cache and cookies. Go to Accounts, scroll down, find, Clear Cache and Tap.

2) Logout and Re login

3) Connect to a different network if possible.

If these don't help, raise a ticket with details of error, possible error videos or screen shots.

I am not able to view my Funds or Holdings in the App

Please note that, on Trading Holidays, the funds and stock balances will not reflect in the App under Funds or Holdings. These may however, be checked in the Back Office report by navigating to Statements and Reports - Overall Position for Funds and Share Deposit for Stock Details

If will also not be able to view stocks, if they do not trade in the market.

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