Order Placing Call Charges

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world of trading, online trading has become the preferred choice for most investors. It offers convenience, speed, and flexibility, allowing traders to manage their investments with ease. To further incentivize and promote online trading, changes are coming to the way we handle calls that land in the "Order Placing Queue."

Changes to Order Placing Queue Charges:

Starting from 1 November, 2023, calls connected in the "Order Placing Queue" will incur a charge of Rs. 50 + GST per call. This change is in response to the evolving landscape of trading and reflects the fact that the majority of our clients have transitioned to online trading.

Admin Square off Charges:

Also, all square off trades executed by Admin, such as MIS square off, square offs due to M to M losses, shortfalls etc., will be charged at Rupees 50+GST per executed order. This was earlier charged at Rupees 75+ GST per day. 

These charges can be avoided entirely by actively monitoring positions and squaring them off online. By managing trades personally, clients have the control to optimize  trading strategy and minimize associated costs.

Online trading has several advantages that make it a more intuitive and strategic option for traders:

1. Accessibility: Online trading platforms are accessible 24/7, providing traders the freedom to execute orders whenever they see fit. This accessibility is invaluable in a market that never sleeps.

2. Real-Time Information: Online trading platforms offer real-time data, news, and analysis, enabling traders to make well-informed decisions instantly. This access to information helps in devising and executing trading strategies with precision.

3. Reduced Costs: Online trading typically involves lower transaction costs compared to traditional methods. Investors can save money on brokerage fees and other charges, which can significantly impact their returns.

4. Control: Online trading puts the power in the hands of the investors. They have complete control over their trades, can monitor their portfolios in real-time, and execute orders as they see fit. This level of control is empowering.

5. Planning and Strategy: With online trading, investors can plan and implement their trading strategies with ease. They can set stop-loss and take-profit orders, diversify their portfolios, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

In light of these benefits, we encourage our clients to embrace online trading. This transition not only offers convenience and efficiency but also allows to take charge of investments and trading strategies. By doing so, the charges associated with calls to the "Order Placing Queue."

Though there may be circumstances where a phone call is necessary, we still believe in and urge to explore the capabilities of our user-friendly online trading platform. For immediate assistance we have our 24x7 Chatbot, extensive FAQs for quick reference.

Trade Confirmation and Information:

Additionally, for the convenience of our clients, trade confirmations for orders placed through our dealers will be sent directly to our clients' registered WhatsApp number and email ID. This will enable them to stay updated on executed trades effortlessly.

As we move forward, our aim is to empower our clients with the best tools and resources for successful trading. Online trading is the way forward, and we are committed to supporting our clients' journey towards financial success.

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