Is there anything that I need to do after placing order under MTF?

Yes, there is an additional process that needs to be done and it is important to complete a MTF transaction. You will be required to mark pledge on the stocks that you had bought. This is as per the revised SEBI policy on MTF. According to the revised policy, not only the collateral stocks, even stocks bought under MTF has to be pledged to be considered as MTF position. Else, it will be allocated to your Normal CM segment. 

Once you buy stocks under MTF, they will be uploaded in Backoffice and a forward Pledge request link will be created. This link will be emailed & also sent as a SMS to your registered contact detail. You will have to click on the link and accept the Pledge request before 1 PM on of T+1 day.  In case, you do not receive the Email or SMS, use the below given link to accept pledge request

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