How is the MTF margin computed in the trading system?

The trading system will carry slightly lower margin as against what's seen in the MTF statement. This is because, in the MTF statement, the minimum margin required will be 45% while it is 50% in the trading terminal. 

Let's understand with an example. Navigate to Funds and view the detailed menu under ALL|ALL|MTF. The web page view will be as below

To view this in the Exe, select RMS - View Limits

Here the Cash Margin available is = Cash Collateral + Stock Collateral (After haircut) - Other Loss.

It is basically the total margin that you have deposited after adjusting for the loss booked and the charges which is nothing but the Other Loss

Use Margin = Margin required on the funded stocks + M to M loss.

The difference is the net margin that is available or the shortage.

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