Can I trade in a single stock in MTF?

Single scrip concentration is allowed for stocks in the NIFTY 50 index. However, for stocks other than in the NIFTY 50 index, single scrip concentration is not allowed fully in the MTF segment and you also cannot transfer single scrip towards the Collateral account for availing the Collateral margin. There is a maximum single scrip funding limit fixed and it cannot exceed Rupees. 50 Lakhs where the scrip is part of NIFTY Next 50 and cannot exceed Rupees. 25 lakhs where the scrip is neither part of Nifty 50 nor Nifty Next 50. Further  if the single scrip concentration breaches the thresh hold level of  Rupees. 50 lakhs and Rupees. 25 lakhs respectively, then Navia shall square off the positions and if there are any loss due to this selling, it has to be borne by you.

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