What is the meaning of margin calls & When will I get an intimation of it?

Margin calls are the alerts made by the Company when the available margin is less than the required margin as per SEBI norms as explained above.

The margin will be provided in the MTF statement as seen in the below pasted image, and this statement will be emailed on a daily basis as long as you have positions under MTF. If the shortage/ excess in margin shows a debit balance, it means it is a margin call and the shortfall cannot last for more than 5 working days. You will be required to either cut positions or bring funds/stock collateral to cover the shortfall. Failing this, RMS will reduce the positions to adhere to 

As per the SEBI requirement once a margin call is sent to the client, the client must bring in the required shortfall immediately. If the client does not bring in the required margins then Navia can liquidate/sell the shares (funded shares and collateral) if the client fails to meet the margin call requirements.

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