If you at any point of time would like to transfer your shares from your demat account to your family or any others' demat account you will be required to do it via Off Market Transfer. Here are the steps to such a transfer.

  • Get the latest Delivery Instruction Book / Slip from our DP 
  • Fill in the required details including the Target Demat account number, Target DP ID,, Target DP Name, Reason for Off Market Transfer, Consideration if any, name of the Stock, its ISIN and Quantity to be transferred. Fill in all other required details as well.
  • The slip is to be signed by all the holders of the demat account. Corrections if any are again to be authorized by all holders with a counter signatures against the correction that is made
  • Write the date on the top of DIS 
  • Do not write the Execution date unless you are sure that you can deliver the slip for execution on that date before the cut off time
  • Hand over the filled Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) in original at our office at the below given address

               No 9, IV and V Floor

                Ganga Grigha

                Nungambakkam High Road


                Chennai - 600034

                Ph no: 044 39189449

  • Ensure that your Email ID and Mobile No are updated mandatorily in your demat account
  • On the execution date of off market transfer instruction, a link would be generated and sent by NSDL to your registered mobile number and e-mail id.
  • Click on the link, and you will be redirected to a web page. Provide the required authentication 
  •  You will find a page with the details of off-market transfer instructions for the specific demat account which are pending for your confirmation.
  •  On OTP confirmation, Off Market Transfer instruction(s) as selected by you will be processed, subject to receipt of payment towards off market transfer charges and stamp duty, as applicable.

Before submitting the off market DIS slip, check and Ensure to update your current email ID/Mobile No. with our records and make the payment for off market transfer charges including stamp duty.