How do I convert physical shares into electronic holding?

You may demat physical share certificates into electronic form by using a DRF, the Dematerialization Request Form. To do this, you will first be required to have an active demat account in the same name as mentioned in the physical share certificate which is to be dematerialized.

A sample Demat Form is attached for quick reference. The relevant fields of the form needs to be filled and duly signed by all holders of the physical share certificates. Do note that the Dematerialization request will be accepted by the Registrar of the Company only if the signature in the DRF tallies with that in their records. Hence, do ensure to sign the form in the same manner as you signed at the time of acquiring the physical certificates.

Few points to Note

  1. One DRF can be used to demat one company. Separate DRFs needs to be used to demat certificates of different companies
  2. In one DRF, only 5 Certificates of a given company can be submitted for dematerialization. Additional form needs to be filled if there are more than 5 numbers of physical certificates. 
  3. The Folio Number, Certificate number and the Distinctive number mentioned in the physical share certificate needs to be filled in the DRF
  4. All the holders of the physical certificate need to sign the DRF
  5. The DRF should be submitted to us in original along with the original physical certificates

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