It is easy to sell shares if you have provided POA on your demat account. POA helps us to take shares from your account, whenever you sell them in the market, and deliver it to the Clearing Corporation towards pay-in before the cut off time. This is little tricky when your demat account does not have POA attached to it. Though tricky, it can still be done through any of the below given options. Note there are separate process to deliver shares from NSDL and CDSL demat account and each of these are explained below 

Options to Sell shares from Non POA NSDL Demat Account

Option 1: e-DIS - Read here to know what is e-DIS and how to use it. This facility is however, currently available only in Rocket.

Options 2: E-Depository Services 

E-Depository, is an internet based service which allows you to submit delivery instructions using a service called Speed-e.  You may just transfer shares online using Speed E and your instructions will be downloaded by Tradeplus depository from SPEED-e website to do the needful. You can register for Speed-e as a Password user or as a Smart Card User.

Password User - Options to transfer shares up to 3 Clearing Members

  • Visit
  • Select 'New user Registration - Speed E Users' from the left Menu Panel
  • Fill up the registration form for Password Users 
  • Choose your own ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ 
  • Fill up the registration form and click ‘Submit’ and get an acknowledgement 
  • Take a printout of the registration form and send it to us to our address  or email us the form to from your registered email id
  • On receipt of the form, we will register you as a Password User  
  • You may subsequently  operate your account through Speed-e 

Smart Card User - Options to transfer shares without any limitation

  • Visit
  • Select 'New user Registration - Speed E Users' from the left Menu Panel
  • Fill up the forms under options provided for Smart Card Users 
  • Obtain Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. 
  • Submit duly filled up application form to us at our address along with the screen shot of Digital Signature Certificate and self attested copy of PAN Card 
  • On receipt of the form you would be registered as a Smart Card User 
  • Using Smart Card, you can operate your account through Speed-e

To know more about Speed-e refer here 

To sell shares from Non POA CDSL Demat account

If you hold a CDSL Demat Account with Tradeplus and  have not submitted the POA, here is what you need to do before you sell the shares:

> Register for EASIEST facility on CSDL website. Click here to know how

> Transfer the shares to our pool account or Collateral account. Click here to know how

> Send an email to after you have transferred the shares to Pool A/c or Collateral  account 

> Once the shares are added to the Trading system , the support desk will give you a confirmation. 

> You can then sell the shares