Off Market Transfer

What is Off-Market Transfer

Transfer of shares from your Demat account with Tradeplus to another Demat account is called Off-Market Transfer. There are multiple reasons why investors would want to make an off-market transferYou can read various reasons and a corresponding codes in the attached document (File name: Off Market Reason Codes).

If you intend to make an off-market sale, you can fill the attached form with file name "Off Market Sale" and send it along with your DIS form. It is mandatory to fill out the payment details of consideration. For the Off-Market sale, stamp duty is applicable as per government order. Check the stamp charges calculation here

Off-market, transfer charges 0.05% of turnover or Rs 50 per ISIN, whichever is higher, plus 18% GST.  A sample calculation of charges demonstrated below:

Stock Name

*Stock Price


 Stock Value

Charges @ 0.05% 

of Stock Value

Off market




















            * Stock price is based on previous day closing price

You can transfer shares from your Demat Account with Tradeplus  to another NSDL or CDSL Demat account by filling and submitting the duly signed Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to the address below:

Corporate Office Address :

Tradeplus  | Navia Markets Ltd 

No:9 Ganga Griha 4th Floor,

Nungambakkam High Road,



How can I get a DIS booklet?

If you do not have DIS booklet, you can place a request online. Check here to know how. 

How do I fill in a DIS slip?

You can follow the instructions below to fill the DIS slip (Slip to be enclose)

  1. Client ID: Specify the ID as it appears in the Demat A/c.
  2. ISIN numbers: Specify the ISIN of security to be transferred. Confirm this with your transaction statement. A maximum of 4 ISIN's can be transferred per DIS. Use multiple DIS if you wish to transfer more than 4 ISIN's.
  3. Security Name: Specify the name of the security to be transferred.
  4. Quantity in figures: Specify the quantity in figures.
  5. Quantity in words: Specify the quantity in words.
  6. The instruction reference number will be filled from our end once the DIS is executed.
  7. Mention the number of DIS annexures attached to the slip in case of transferring more than 4 scrips at a time. 
  8. Fill in the details if you are doing the off-market sale of shares to a particular institution.
  9. Specify counter DP ID, Client ID details, and Counter BO name.
  10. In case the reason code is mentioned as 4-Transfer to own account submit it along with CML Copy.
  11. The execution date will be filled from our end at the time of executing the DIS slip.
  12.  The account holder’s signature has to be affixed as per the signature recorded in the Navia Markets Ltd Demat Account

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