As a Foreign National, can I take back my sale value of funds to my home country?

Yes, you can.

If you have opened a demat and trading account with us to get credit of your ESOP shares and have sold them subsequently, you may remit this funds back to your home country. 

Steps to Repatriate Funds

1) Provide purchase details of the stocks allotted. 

2) Provide FCGPR registration letter issued by RBI / FCTRS certified by AD Bank for shares being transferred 

3) Provide the details of the foreign bank to which funds are to be transferred

4) Sell the stocks in the market

5) Inform Navia your intention to repatriate funds

6) Provide Non-resident declaration as per RBI format in FIRMS Manual 

7) Navia willl generate Contract note for sale

8) Navia will arrange for Auditor's certificate - Navia will assist you in getting this 

9) Tardeplus will submit all the required documents and declaration to the bank and arrange for repatriation to your home country 

The following Service charges are applicable

1) Auditor fee of Rupees 6000 + GST. This is subject to change from time to time

2) Service fee of Navia

3) Bank service charges 

4) RBI late reporting fee of Rupees 7500+0.025% on the remittance value if the required documents are received by us after 15 days from the date of sale. 

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