Downloading & Understanding Contract Notes


How to access Contract Notes?

To access the contract notes sent to you 

> Click on the menu "Trading"

> Click Digital Contracts/ Emails

You will get the archive of all emails sent to you by us as well as your contract notes as shown below.

Understanding the Contract Note

The Contract Note is a statutory bill that will be mailed to you each day you execute a transaction. This note includes various important details and let's understand it better.

Let's understand the columns in the Contract Notes

  • The Order No. shows the exchange order number.
  • Order time shows the timestamp of order that was placed.
  • Trade No. shows the Exchange Trade number.
  • Trade Time shows the timestamp of the order by when it was executed at Exchange
  • Security/contract column shows the stock/scrip in which the order was placed 
  • Buy/sell mentions the transaction type
  • Quantity shows the quantity traded against each order number.
  • The Gross Rate/ Trade Price per unit will shows the price at which the order got executed
  • Brokerage displays the brokerage, if charged against the trade
  • The net rate per unit column will be the gross rate minus the brokerage charged, if any.
  • Closing rate per unit is applicable to carried over derivative contracts - the price at which the contract closed for the day.
  • Net total before levies shows the total amount due to you or from you after brokerage but before other levies.

The other details that can be seen in the Note are

  • The Settlement No and Type
  • The Statutory Charges 
  • The final obligation, i.e, Amount Payable by you or Payable to you.
  • Other levies or other charges

Points to note

  • DP charges and Call & Trade charges (orders placed through our dealing desk and intraday positions squared off before market closing by our RMS team) will not be shown on the contract note. You need to check your ledger statement for the same.
  • If the amount in the row 'Net amount Receivable by You (+) / Payable by You (-)' is negative, it means that the money is due from you i.e will be deducted from your trading account. 

You can verify the trade details mentioned in the contract note directly with the exchange. To verify your trades on NSE click here. To verify your trades on BSE click here. To verify your trades on MCX click here.

What are other Levies?

Other levies are charges levied by SEBI/ Exchanges/ Clearing Corporation. This is provided in your contract under in a separate column and is the sum of the following 

1) Transaction Charges

2) Clearing Member Charges

3) SEBI Turnover Charges

4) Stamp Duty

Can I request for duplicate Contract notes & are there any charges to it?

You can request for duplicate physical contract note by raising a ticket from our support page here. The charges for the same would be Rs. 25 per contract note + applicable taxes. The duplicate physical contract note will be dispatched to your registered communication address within 2 working days. 

For how many years can I view the Contract Notes?

The email log of Contract notes sent you are also available in your Back Office page. You can view them for the current financial year. 

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