What does Navia do to ensure the safety of my data?

At Navia we are not only conscious about adhering to compliance requirements but also very cognizant  when it comes to managing our customer data . Here are some practices we follow to ensure the safety of your data:

> We conduct regular internal and external penetration testing and inspections.

> Regular reviews of our infrastructure and the managing Team.

> We expose only things that really need to be exposed to the internet.  

> We have Cloudflare  that provides web application firewall and DDoS protection. The network is designed to make connections through the internet secure, private, fast and reliable.  

> Systems are located in multiple locations on different networks to isolate them from each other.

> All our internal employee systems require 2FA to access.

> Employees are provided access to different systems based on their departments and roles.

> This role-based access is embedded as a practice into our Systems department that clears access and their processes as well. This process is audited on periodical basis.

> Significant majority of non-tech employee computers also run variants of Linux to reduce the large attack surface of Windows systems.

> For client accounts, we support real 2FA with app based TOTP (enabled Rocket Plus while Navia App is enbaled with mobile & App based 2FAs).

> Our Front-end systems like Navia, use a single login (SSO) + 2FA

Being conscious of security and applying whatever possible security principles is our endeavor. In today's complex, interconnected systems, one small let off, technical or a human error, can result in a huge issues. 

While 100% security does not exist , continuous  vigil, as a practice, is the best anyone can do. We take efforts to follow the best practices and are always conscious of security. 

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