Running Account Settlement or Quarterly Settlement

Running Account settlement is the compulsory settlement of withdrawable balance available in a client's ledger to the registered bank account of the client. This is done once in a quarter or a month depending on the authorization given by the client at the time of opening account.

Under quarterly settlement, the free funds lying as a credit in the ledger, after considering the End of the day (EOD) obligation across all the Exchanges, on first Friday of the calendar Quarter (i.e., January, April, July and October) will be considered for settlement. These funds will be transferred to the registered bank account on the next day (i.e, on the Saturday). If first Friday is a trading holiday, then such settlement shall happen on the previous trading day. 

Let's assume that you have 1 lakh credit in your ledger, at the End of first Friday of July month without any open position in any derivative segment. This 1 lakh will be processed for settlement on Friday evening and they will be credited to your primary bank account on the next day, Saturday, under Running Account Settlement.  

The same activity occurs once in a month, if a client had given monthly Running Account Authorization at the time of opening account.

An email will be sent to your registered email id with Statement of Accounts and settlement details to keep you updated on the settle

Note: Irrespective of any of the above, funds will be settled once a month, if no trading activity is found in one calendar month (30 days), in an account. 

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