Does Navia support API Trades?

API based trade or Algorithmic Trade is basically a way of placing order to execute an automated trading strategy built on satisfying few pre defined parameters based on time, price, value etc., 

Benefits of API trading

It eliminates emotions such as Fear, Greed, Hope etc. from trading. Trading is all about executing orders with discipline irrespective of what emotions say. API trading helps over come this.

It also increases the speed with which orders are placed. It is impossible to match the speed if placed manually . Strategies can be back tested before being implement. This helps to evaluate its efficiency

Where can I get more details on API trades?

Just click here to know more on it.

How do I get the API keys from Navia?

> Create API links from here

> Choose the API links you require depending on your third party tool requirement

> Accept terms and conditions here and 

> Raise a ticket from our Support Portal here 

Which Platform is connect to APIs?

Rocket Plus trading platform supports API based trades. Hence, before subscribing, ensure that you are in Rocket Plus to use the tool. In case your account is not set up there, you may email to support requesting to shift to Rocket Plus.

What are the two different types of APIs?

We provide two different APIs, viz, Market Data API and Interactive API. Whether you require both or just the Interactive API depends on the third party tool you have chosen to deploy it.

Are there any charges attached to it?

Yes, each API costs Rupees 1500 + GST for a month. These need to be renewed on the 28th day from the date of your subscription. For example, if you subscribe to an API on 10th of Jan, you will be required to renew it on or before 8th of February. This exclusive of charges, if any, levied by 3rd party API service providers

What will happen if I subscribe for APIs on two different dates?

The subscription will occur however, the date of subscription for both the APIs will be common and, for renewal purpose, it will be the date of subscription of the first API. For eg., if you subscribe for Interactive API on 1st of the month and subsequently subscribe for the Market Data API on the 5th of the month, then the date of subscription for both the APIs will be taken as 1st of the month, for renewal purpose.

Are the API charges refundable?

No, the charges once debited will not be refunded

How can I unsubscribe to the service?

You may raise a ticket from our support portal here before you next renewal., i.e., on or before, 28th day of the previous subscription date.

How can I pay for the API charges?

Simply keep your account funded and inform us. We will debit the charges from your ledger.


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