To access your backoffice reports you first need to navigate to Backoffice page. Click here to know how to do this. If you already know, proceed with the next steps.

  • Once logged in to your Backoffice, you can find the Menu bars on the left, which is usually collapsed.
  • Click to expand it and you will find options to generate various reports you need.
  • The most commonly required reports are however listed at the top of your backoffice screen, which is collapsible with drop down arrow.  This provides you easy access to frequently used reports.

 This is how the Menu bars at the top looks like


Below are the closer view of each Menu bars with details of reports that can be generated under each Menu.

You can find more details about the Portfolio report by clicking here which can be used for Tax filing purpose. 

You can view the above reports for earlier years also. If you want to view these reports for the previous years-

Click on the year appearing at the top right corner of your backoffice dashboard as shown in the below image.  You will get a pop up window where you can change the year for which you want to view the reports. You can see your trading ledger details online for the last 3 years i.e. current financial year and previous 2 financial years. In case of Contract Notes you can view online for the current financial year.