How to login to Rocket Plus without using OTP?

Now get wider option to login to Rocket Plus! Login using the 3 authenticators, OTP or TOTP or Finger-print

 What is TOTP and where to use it?

TOTP or Time based One Time Password is an authenticator which will be auto generated by the system and be valid for few seconds. This can be generated and used in Rocket Plus Web & Mobile  trading page. 

How to generate TOTP in Rocket Plus Web Trading Platform?

Generate from Web

Here are the simple steps to generate it from the web browser

  1. Go to Google and search for Google Authenticator Extension
  2. Select one and Download the authenticator
  3. Add it to your Extension and Pin it as seen in Image 1 below

    Image 1

  4. On pinning it you will see a scanner added next to the extensions as seen in Image below

    Image 2 
  5. Go to and login
  6. Select Man symbol and select My Profile
  7. From the options provided at the left section of the Profile page, Generate TOTP
  8. It will open a scanner on the left section on the page
  9. Click on the Authenticator and click on Scan or QR Code as seen in Image below

    Image 3 
  10. It will prompt you select a scanner section, select it and drop it on the scanner seen on the left section of the Rocket Plus Profile web page. 
  11. You can also download a Authenticator App in your mobile and scan from there too
  12. This will add TOTP authentication
  13. The next time you login, click on the authenticator from the Google extension or check in your mobile authenticator App for the Code
  14. Click on the Code or Type the code seen under Authenticator  (as seen in Image 3)  in the TOTP field and login.

How to generate TOTP in Rocket Plus Mobile Trading Platform?

Now, if you have issues in receiving OTP , you may simply opt to login using TOTP. With this, you get the flexibility to login using OTP or TOTP or finger-based (available only in Android mobile) authentication.    

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