How to place an order through INFINI MF?

Investment in Mutual funds is even simpler with the new regulations which are effective from 1st July, 2022. Here are the key changes to note in the new process

Simple steps to invest in MF through Tradeplus


This is how you may invest from Rocket Plus Web





To navigate from Rocket Plus Mobile, simply tap on the Menu – Mutual Funds.

To invest from Rocket Web, select Mutual funds from the menu options

To invest from Rocket Mobile, tap on Accounts from the bottom of your screen and move to Mutual Funds.  

Alternatively you may visit


Thereon, follow the steps below for placing a Purchase Order


1. Go to Dashboard

2. Find the fund you would want to invest using the search box or the top funds list

3. Click on Buy button for normal and conditional orders or SIP button to place a SIP order 

4. Once the order is placed, you will receive a SMS and an email from BSE STAR MF with a link to make payment from your bank account which is linked to your trading account

5. You will be required to make a payment using this link

6. Your order will be successfully placed only after making the payment

7. The status of the order in the Infini MF page will be changed to ‘Orders Placed’

8. The units of allotment will be updated on the following date in the INFINI MF page

9. The allotment of units will however be credited to your Demat account on the MF settlement date. 

8. The cut off time to place order is given below


Cut Off Time details


For liquid funds Cut-off time is 1 p.m

For Equity/Debt funds Cut-off time is 2.30p.m       



The process for redemption is however the same as it is now. You may just place a sell order in the Infini MF page if you hold the units in the Demat Account with us. 

> Go to my order --> my holdings

> Select the fund and the number of units you wish to redeem and confirm your order. Once the order is placed the redeem order will be reflected in the Open Orders tab.

Your order will be sent for redemption to the Exchange. The sale proceeds will be credited directly to your registered bank account.


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