How to place an MF Orders?

Investment in Mutual funds is even simpler with the new regulations which are effective from 1st July, 2022. Here are the key changes to note in the new process

Let’s dive into the exciting benefits that can accompany your investment journey:  


This is how you may invest from Navia Trading Platform


  • Explore different Mutual Fund option available in the Watch list 
  • Use this option and find the famous Mutual funds in the Market  
  • This also shows the Returns % over 3 months, 6 months, 1 year  
  1. Easy Fund Selection:  

Finding the right Mutual funds for your investment goals is now a breeze. The Navia Trading App’s Mutual Fund option offers intuitive features that help you easily discover and select the funds that suit your preferences. You can explore different fund categories, apply filters based on risk profile and performance, and even use search options to find specific funds. We’ve made sure the process is effortless and user-friendly. 

  1. Comprehensive Information at Your Fingertips:  

We believe in empowering investors with knowledge. That’s why the Mutual Fund option in the Navia Trading App provides you with comprehensive data about the Mutual funds available. You can access key information such as historical performance, expense ratios, fund managers’ details, and investment objectives. This enables you to make well-informed investment decisions based on reliable and transparent information. 

  1. Seamlessly Execute Transactions:  

Investing should be convenient, and that’s exactly what we’ve made it with the Mutual Fund option in the Navia Trading App. You can initiate purchases, redemptions, and even switch between funds seamlessly. The app securely integrates with your bank account, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions. 

To navigate from Rocket Plus Mobile, simply tap on the Menu – Mutual Funds.


Cut Off Time details


For liquid funds Cut-off time is 1 p.m

For Equity/Debt funds Cut-off time is 2.00p.m       



The process for redemption is however the same as it is now. You may just place a sell order in the Infini MF page if you hold the units in the Demat Account with us. 

> Go to my order --> my holdings

> Select the fund and the number of units you wish to redeem and confirm your order. Once the order is placed the redeem order will be reflected in the Open Orders tab.

Your order will be sent for redemption to the Exchange. The sale proceeds will be credited directly to your registered bank account.


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