1. Navigate to Mutual Funds tab from your Trading page

  2. Go to Dashboard page and Add Funds

3. Find the fund you would want to invest using the search box or the top funds list

4. Click on Buy button for normal and conditional orders or SIP button to place an SIP order and place the order

5. If the order is placed within the cut off time (as given below), you will get units allotted at the NAV on the date of  placing order else it will be bought on the following day's NAV

6. Order status will be updated accordingly in the MF page for your reference

10. Units once allotted, will be directly credited to your Demat account and the details of allotment with the units and NAV will be available in the MF page for your reference.

Cut Off Time details

For liquid funds cutoff time is 12.30 p.m

For Equity/Debt funds cutoff time is 2 p.m