We are glad to have you onboard at Tradeplus.

Find below some basic info that will help you get started and trade seamlessly with us:

STEP1:  Log on to Trading System

You would have got an email from support@nowonline.in with login credentials for Equity/F&O/Currency Trading and from tradeplus@tradeplusonline.com if you have opted for Commodity Trading.

Find below the Trading system access details:


WEB platform

EXE Platform

Mobile Platform

Equity / F&O / Currency

NSE Web    : Click here

Download NOW EXE

Download link for NSE Mobile

Commodity Trading / MTF

INFINI WEB: Click here


Download link for Tradeplus Mobile

Note: EXE for Commodity Trading / MTF is subscription based

If you are just activating your account now suggest you to go through help links below:

Equity / F&O / Currency
Click here for DEMO
Commodity Trading / MTF
Click here for DEMO

Just give a call to our Client Activation Desk @ 044 39189483 if you need any assistance on the above

STEP2: Fund your Trading Account: 

Once you have activated Trade Login, your next step should be fund your Trading Account. Please note that cash payments / deposits are strictly not accepted.

Click here to know how to Fund your Commodity Trading Account

Click here to know how to fund your Trading Account for trading in Equity, F&O and Currency Segments

Step 3: Check your Subscriptions:

Logon to our Back Office and go to SMP to check the Trading Plans to which you are currently subscribed. You can further check for other Value services available and subscribe. Click here to know more about SMP:

STEP 4: Know our Margin Policies: 

Click Here to have a complete overview of our Margin policies

STEP 5: Explore our Amazing tools below which can help you take well informed trading decisions 

INFINI POWER: The only affordable Technical Analysis cum Trading Platform for amateurs and professional traders alike. Insightful tools and indicators help you to maximize your trading experience.  Explore Infini Power today! Click here to know more.

Tradeplus Mobile : We give you an unique Mobile APP in Tradeplus Mobile, first of its kind in India. This Mobile APP serves as one touch access to services, queries & statements. Click here to get your download link if you have not downloaded yet.

Alerts Management System (AMS) : Tradeplus brings you AMS! Our unique alert management system lets you trigger your favorite technical, fundamental and news indicators to give you the headstart in this market! Click here to know more.

Mutual Fund Direct: Invest in Direct Mutual Funds through INFINI MF and maximize your returns by saving on AMC’s charges. Click here to explore more…

Step 6 : Know our charges:

It is our earnest endeavor to ensure that there is complete transparency in the charges debited to your account. Click here to know the complete list of various charges applicable to your account.

Step 7 : Know our Support Points:

We are providing you the details of the various support points at Tradeplus to ensure that you speak to the right person for the right service. 

Our Customer Support Numbers are 044-49427576 / 044-28214171. Check below the extension number to be dialed depending upon the type of query. We have also provided below the email IDs  to enable you to write to us




General queries like password reset, ledger queries, SMP queries, Base Pack / Value Pack subscription, Payin, Payout, etc


Call N Trade: Order placing, Order status  & Price Quotes


Mutual Funds investment related queries


INFINI Trading Solutions (ITS):Subscription & technical issues


NRI Desk: All queries pertaining to NRIs including Account opening, Order placing, Ledger queries, Payin & payout


Account opening: To open a new Resident account or to refer an account to Tradeplus



To ensure that there is no delay in reaching our Call N Trade Executives for order placing, we have provided two direct numbers below:

Primary : 044-49427575 |Secondary : 044-39427575

For escalations/grievances email ig@tradeplusonline.com.

Happy Trading!


Tradeplus Team