You can change your registered email ID and mobile number from the trading platform itself. 

Rocket Web Trading platform:

Click on the Profile Tab and click on the edit icon next to Mobile number or Email ID. 

Rocket Mobile

Go to Account -> Personal Details and select the edit icon next to mobile number and email ID.

Infini Mobile

Go to Menu, Dashboard and follow the steps given under 'Steps to Edit Profile'

Infini Web Trading Platform

Select 'Man' sign and Dashboard

Follow steps given under 'Steps to Edit Profile'

Infini Exe Trading Platform

Go to 'Plus' - Dashboard

Follow steps given under 'Steps to Edit Profile'

Steps to Edit Profile

Click on Edit Profile which will allow you to change your mobile number and email ID for broking and DP account

By clicking edit profile you will be taken to the page as shown below where you can type your new email id or contact number and click submit.

By clicking "Submit" you will get a pop up window with a message that you are agreeing to a fee of Rs.50/- by clicking continue.  If you agree click continue or else click cancel.

The change in the contact information will be updated for all the exchanges you are registered with. The new contact information gets updated immediately in the trading back office while the updation in DP back office and trading system happens in 48 hours.

Please note that a nominal fee of Rs.50/-  (plus GST ) shall be applicable for every change request submitted online and would be debited to your trading ledger.  Hence request you to submit the change request only if it is essential.