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What is the difference between Daily Settlement and  Running Account Settlement?

If you have not given Running Account Authorization (either for 30 days or 90 days) at the time of opening account, the funds will be settled within one working day from the payout date. This is called Daily Settlement.

If you have given Running Account Authorization, the funds will be settled in the following instances,

a) Active Trading accounts - Even if you trade actively, funds lying as a credit in the ledger, after adjusting for margins on open position and charges, will be settled once in 26th day to 30th day, if an Authorization is given to hold funds for 30 days ELSE it will be settled once in 86th day to 90th day, if the authorization to hold funds is given for 90 days. The days of authorization to hold funds, either 30 or 90 days, depends upon the number of days mentioned at the time of opening account.

b) Inactive accounts -  If there are no trades in an account, funds lying in the ledger will be settled once in 30 days. 

How is the amount to be settled, calculated?

If you do not have any positions, the entire amount lying as a credit in your ledger will be settled under Running Account Settlement. 

If you have any existing position, then the clear funds lying in your ledger after adjusting for all charges, accrued interest etc.,  - 225% of the margin required on the open positions will be settled to your bank account.

Note: If you have sold a positon or shares, the sale proceeds will be paid out only on Trade +2nd working day for equity cash segment and on Trade + 1 working day if the sale is done in derivative segment. 

What will happen if I do not have funds to be settled under Running Account Settlement?

During the quarter or month, if your account balance  moves from credit to debit due to purchase or M2M, system will consider the transaction as settled and will trigger an email confirmation to your registered email id as the funds are deemed to be settled. This process is marked in the system as Secondary Settlement and is treated as Running Account Settlement without actual settling of funds. Later, at any point of time, whenever the ledger comes back to credit, the available balance will then be settled under Running Account Settlement. 

Will the settlement of funds be done as a cheque payment or NEFT transfer?

Settlement will be done through IMPS/NEFT/RTGS transfer. The funds will be in your Primary Bank account within one working day from the Running Account Settlement payout date subject to bank working day. You need to ensure that you have updated your latest active Bank account in our records. 

What happens if the payment under Running Account Settlement does not reach me for some reason?

The running account settlement might not reach you only due to mismatch in the bank account number or mismatch in name as registered in the bank portal. Such  funds will be returned back to us by the Bank  and the same will be communicated to you. Also, if you see an amount debited in your ledger towards payment under Running Account Settlement but do not get the funds credited to your bank account by next working day, you are requested to check if you have updated your latest bank details with Tradeplus. This you may do by navigating to Profile option from your Trading Platform. If the details are not updated, update it and email us at to get the pending payment cleared. Click here to know how to update bank account.

Will I get an intimation when funds are settled under Auto Settlement of funds?

Yes, you will receive an email intimation and Statement of accounts along with settlement details to your registered email id.


Can I cancel my Standing Instruction at any time?

When you cancel the Standing Instruction, the settlement of funds to your Bank A/c will happen on a daily basis and you will have to transfer back the money to your Trading A/c if you want to trade again.  

Here's what to do to cancel Standing Instruction on Running Account Authorisation:

1) Draft a letter with the specific request to cancel Standing Instruction along with your details of Broking Code

2) After signing it, send the courier to our corporate office, at the address given below:


Tradeplus Online

Navia Markets Ltd

Ganga Griha' 4th & 5 th Floor,

No.9 (old No. 6D) , Nungambakkam High Road, 

Nungambakkam , Chennai - 600 034

Once the standing instruction is cancelled, your account will be moved to daily settlement.

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