What is an open offer?

An open offer is an offer made by the acquirer (the buyer) to the shareholders of the target company inviting them to tender (offer) their shares in the target company at a particular price.

What is the share tender period for open offer?

This will be mentioned in the Open Offer form. For, ESCORTS, tender window is open from 14th March and closes on 28th March 2022.

Can clients apply online or send an email to offer the shares for open offer?

No, in case of open offer, clients will be required to fill a DIR making an off-market transaction and sign the offer form which will be directly sent by the Registrar.

How to tender shares for the Open offer?

The Registrar will send the offer form to the eligible clients. Such clients will be required to

a) Provide a Delivery Instruction slip duly filled in favour of the Escrow account as mentioned in the open offer form and on obtain an acknowledgement copy of the same from us with seal and signature. 

Details of the Escrow account for Escorts is given below

DP ID                          IN301348  
DP Name                   ICICI Bank Limited
Client ID                    20200624

b) Sign the Acceptance Cum Acknowledgment Form in the space provided for signature 

c) Send a Registered post or courier or hand deliver the papers along with enclosures as required by the Registrar to the address mentioned in the form. 

These need to be received by the Registrar before the date of closure of the offer.

Who is the registrar for Escorts open offer?

KFin Technologies Private Limited.