At Tradeplus, you have an option to buy stocks and hold them for a maximum of 7 days (T+2+5days) by paying only 50% of the Margin required. This can be done by placing order under NRML in your Infini Trading Platform and under CNC in your Rocket Trading Platform. Let us understand this better.

Let us assume that you want to buy 100 Reliance at current market price of Rupees 2300 and you expect it to move up in another 6 days. The total cash required is Rupees 230000 while you have only Rupees 120000. You need not miss the opportunity and can still buy it under NRML mode, All that you got to do is to select NRML in the Buy Order Form if you are placing order through ITS (Infini Trading Solution) and select CNC if you are trading through Rocket Trading Platform. As NRML occupies only 50% of the amount required, it will occupy Rupees 115000/- towards your purchase and the remaining Rupees 5000 will be available for you to make fresh purchases. Do note that NRML facility is available only on stocks categorised as Group 1 where its VAR+ELR+Adhoc Margin requirement is less than 40%.

Find attached the list of stocks available for 7 days funding.