The Rocket trading platform is available in Web and Mobile versions. Since Rocket uses BOW (Boltplus on Web) API's, clients who are used to EXE trading can also use the BOW EXE to login and trade on Rocket platform. Your user ID and password remain the same and the market watch that you have created in Web/Mobile would also remain the same. Hence you can switch seamlessly between Rocket Web/Mobile and BOW EXE platform

Download BOW EXE: Click on the link below and download the ZIP file.


Install BOW EXE: 

1. Extract the file

2. Open BOW Folder and Double click on BOLTPlusOnWeb Application to start the application. You can even create a shortcut to this file to launch the BOW EXE. 

3. That's it. There is no installation required.

Login to BOW

1. When you login through the BOW EXE, your ID and password remain the same. However when you type you ID enter your UCC-T6341 as shown below (T6341 is our BSE member code). Entering this is only required for EXE. Enter your Rocket password, OTP will be sent to the client registered mobile and email. 

2. Entering Transaction password is not mandatory. Hence no need to enter the same.

3. For first time login in EXE enable Client Master and Scrip master download options as shown below.

Points to Note:

1. There is no fund transfer option in BOW EXE. Hence to transfer the funds please use the Rocket Web/Mobile application

Click on the video below (15 minute English) to find out how to install, login and Trade using BOW EXE