You should have first registered for EASIEST on CSDL website. The process of registeration has been explained here.

Please note that this process is explained only for clients who hold demat accounts with CDSL and have not given POA.  We would suggest you submit POA at the earliest for your convenience and seamless trading.

You have two options when it comes to online delivery of shares...

Option1:   Transfer the shares to Navia's POOL Account before selling the shares. Inform our support desk after completing the transfer, so that transferred shares can be updated in the Trading System. If you have not sold in the given settlement, the transferred shares will be delivered back to your Demat Account. You will have to again do a transfer to the POOL account for the next settlement number in which you intend to sell.

Option 2: Transfer the shares to Collateral Account.  The advantage of this process is that the shares will be there in your collateral account with us till you sell. You can sell them as and when you get your price.  The shares will not be transferred back if sale transaction is not done unless you give an explicit request. 

In both the options above you need email to add the shares in the Trading system if you intend to sell on a given day.

We have explained the online transfer steps through screen captures on the CDSL system for your easy understanding. If you need any clarification or assistance in this regard, please email


If you face any difficulty while initiating  the transaction setup you can call us on 044-39189435/432 or email