If you hold a CDSL Demat Account with Tradeplus and  have not submitted the POA, you should register yourself with MyEasy facility by visiting https://www.cdslindia.com/index.html to deliver shares online. While we urge you to submit the signed POA to seamless purchase and sell, registeration with MyEasy facility is very important if you would like to sell shares in your CDSL Demat Account  by following the steps below: 

Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser : 

Mapping of TRUSTED ACCOUNTS : 1) NSE Pool A/c 2) BSE Pool account and 3)_ Collateral account. 

NSE Pool Account : To deliver shares sold in the secondary market 

BSE Pool Account :  To deliver units redeemed in INFINI MF platform 

Collateral Account :  To transfer shares to your collateral account. Shares transferred to collateral account 

Simple steps to follow for completing the registeration: 

  1. Download the PDF from the "Easisent Registeration" page  
  2. Fill it and duly sign 
  3. Email the signed form DPHO@NAVIAMARKETS.COM to authorize your easiest registration 
  4. You can initiate settlement transfer to TRSUTED account after 1 hour.  Click here to check how to initate transfer to the Trusted Accounts