After installing the Infini Power exe version in your system, double click on the icon that appears on the desktop. The login window will appear wherein you will have to enter the unique client code (UCC) assigned to you and the login password.

Next a pop-up window as shown below will appear where you have to set a 6 digit numerical PIN of your choice.

For the first time when you SET the 6 digit PIN and press "OK" the application closes.  You need to again double click on the icon on your desktop to log in. 


  • Please remember the PIN that you set because you need to enter the PIN each time you log in.
  • Three wrong attempts will block your account
  • In case you forget the PIN or your account is blocked due to three wrong attempts you can call our support team at 044-49427576/ 044-28214171 or email to to reset the PIN.