POA is a document which gives us the authorization to debit your shares from your DEMAT account whenever you sell your shares. 

Following points are to be noted if you have NOT given Power of Attorney:

> Whenever you do a sale transaction in CNC product on the Rocket Platform, you will be directed to NSDL eDIS gateway through which you will be required to submit the delivery mandate.  Please note that eDIS is by default enabled for your account as soon as your account is opened. 

> eDIS facility is available only for Resident Individual account holders. NRI and joint account holders need to submit POA. If . 

> NRIs and joint holders have not submitted POA , they  will not be able to see the shares  purchased under holdings. They  will also not be able to sell them. To open a NRI and Joint Demat Account with Tradeplus, submission of physically signed POA is mandatory. POA cannot be e-signed.  

> Margin Trade Funding facility cannot be availed if you have not submitted POA 

> Pledging of shares for Collateral based Trading is not possible if you have not submitted POA 

> Trading in Derivative segments does not require POA

> POA is required if you like to participate in BUY BACK offers 

> POA would be required if opt to Trade in INFINI Power or BOLT EXE platforms

What should I do to submit POA: 

Please download the attached POA and sign the same in all pages and forward to our office to enable the Power of Attorney in your trading and Demat account.

If you have sent us your POA to our office, it generally takes us between 48 working hours for it to be linked to your account after receiving it. However, in some cases, it could take longer as the POA needs to be franked, which is a process beyond our direct control.

You could send us the POA to the address mentioned below:

Client Registration Department - POA

TRADEPLUS, C/O Navia Markets Ltd

No 9, Ganga Griha, 4th Floor

Nungambakkam High Road

Chennai - 600034 . 

Note: The hard copy of the POA has to be sent because they have to be 'franked' (stamped). Due to which soft copies of the POA isn't accepted.