You can set your own market watch in 'Infini Power' by following the below steps:

1. Login to your Infini Power using your User ID and Password.

2. Click on the option Workspace -->Now select any workspace from drop down.

3. On selecting the workspace e.g Smart / Market overview or Standard with traders etc. it would direct the user to the respective workspaces platform.

4. Here click on the option Watchlist --> Create --> enter the name you wish to set your personalized watchlist --> Click ok. Your personalized watchlist/market watch has been created. 

5. Once again click Watchlist --> my watch --> click on the watchlist newly created.

6. Now select the created watchlist and inside the script on the top right corner --> select the exchange --> followed by the segment and the scrip name --> click add symbol. Your scrip is now successfully added to the watchlist.