Here is a step by step representation on how to do it:

Step 1: Login to Infini power with your user ID and password followed by the PIN

Step 2: Click on the workspace --> smart on the top center now right click on the share you wish to place the bracket order and select buy or sell.

Step 3: Here you can place an order either LTP (Last trading price) based or ATP (Average trading price) based. The value entered in the Square off cell should always be the target in which you would like to sell your share. You can either enter the absolute value in numbers or select ticks (one tick is 5 paise) and enter the target in ticks.

Step 4: The value entered in your Stop loss sell column should always be between the trigger price range mentioned at the corner of the of the pop-up. You can either enter the stop loss value in absolute value or select ticks (one tick is 5 paise) and enter the stop loss in ticks. 

Step 5: The trailing stop loss will always be in ticks here one tick is equal to 5 paise hence 20 tick is 1 rupee. The same procedure applies to sell also.