You can refer your friends from the trading platform you use:

Refer a Friend from Rocket Web

Just Click on Menu and click on Refer a friend option

Refer a Friend from Rocket Mobile

Refer a Friend from Rocket Plus Web


Refer a Friend from Rocket Plus Mobile - Select the Three lines on the left top page and choose Share and Earn

Isn't it easy......Start referring using the “Social Referral” to tell your friends on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and email contacts.




  1. You should have an account in active status with
  2. The friend whom you refer should open an account with us and initiate a trade. 


What are the terms and conditions:

  1. Referral rewards amount will be credited to Active Trading account. If the Trading Account is in suspended, credits will not be effected. 
  2. You will be eligible for a one time referral benefit of Rs 300 for resident Indian derivative account and in case of NRI clients Rs 2000  when your friend does the first transaction
  3. Monthly referral reward will be Rs 100 for resident Smart Flat (Rupees 99) plan and Rupees 200 for Resident Flat Pro (Rupees 499) plan and flat Rs 200 for NRI clients. 
  4. Referral rewards amount for a given month will be credited to your trading account within 5 Working days of subsequent month and transferred to your Primary Bank Account registered with us. You are not required to place a withdrawal request. 
  5. Referral reward is applicable only if trades are done in Derivatives segments in case of Resident Accounts 
  6. Tax on the referral rewards will be debited from your trading account as prescribed by the Government authorities all referral benefits are tax liability.


Tradeplus may at any time amend these Terms, by modifying or rescinding any of the existing provisions or conditions or by adding any amendment on the web site. The company shall not be required to communicate any modification or rescission individually to the Client either through physical or electronic form, any separate notice of amendment or modification is deemed to be waived by the Client. The continued use of the services of the member after such notice will constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of such amendment.

How is the Referral Amount calculated? 

How can I withdraw the Referral amount which is credited to my Trading ledger? 

Referral Income and Status of referred leads