1. If you have provided the monthly / quarterly running account settlement authorization, at the end of the month / quarter if your account is in debit and not settled during the month / quarter, your account will be treated as default settlement on the last working date of the month / quarter and running account settlement confirmation email will be sent to you by Tradeplus.

2. If you opened the new account and provided the authorization for running account, when you make the first payment and if your purchase value is more than your ledger balance, system will consider as secondary settlement and you will receive the running account settlement confirmation through email.

3. Your account is in credit and has turned into debit due to purchase value being debited or M2M loss being debited, your account will settled as secondary by the system and your will receive the running account settlement report through email

4. Your account is settled during the last quarter and there is a debit in your trading account end of previous quarter. Now if in the next quarter you have sold shares from your DP Account and your account turned into credit, system will trigger for running account settlement and the payment will be released to your bank account and you will also receive the running account settlement confirmation from Tradeplus. 

5. If you not traded for a period of 30 days, credit if any in the account will be settled with an intimation from Tradeplus.