After Installation

1Q. If after clicking on Login, I receive a message 'component issue – Please contact administrator'. (missing Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistribution package (x86) exe)

A. This happens in case of system incompatibility (Trading components not loaded for new installation of INFINI POWER). To resolve this issue please use the links to download and install the prerequisites:

To download  Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistribution package (x86) exe, Use this link to download and install the file: 

Note: After downloading the ZIP, do right click ->properties ->“Unblock” the ZIP before extracting and rename the extension as e-xe to exe.

2Q. If after clicking on Login, I receive a message 'component issue – Please contact administrator'.(missing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64)

A. To download  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64), Use this link to download and install the file:

3Q. I get a message “Your version has been updated”. What is this and what should I do?
A.Whenever the application has been updated with a new feature or an issue is fixed, the application version is incremented. You are getting this message because a later version available in the server. You must select “Yes” and compulsory update to the new version. Otherwise you will not able to login. Upon clicking Yes, wait for a minute for the update to complete and you will find the below message displayed Restart your application and log in again to use the update version of INFINI Power

4Q. How will I know what new features have been added in the new version?
A.You can get to know this from Help  What’s New Option

5Q. I do not know how to use the system. Is there any help or document available?
A. Yes. You can download the Quick Reference Guide from the Help Menu

6Q. Where can I get to know the version of my application?
A. You can know the version of your application from the Help -> About Option

7Q. Can I access using my user id and password in two PC simultaneously?
A. No it is not possible to use from two PC’s simultaneously. However the same user id and password can be used on separate PC’s at different times.

8Q. I registered my user id and password using my PC can I use them in any other PCs?
A. Sure, you can use them on any PC as long as the DARTSTOCK application is installed on that PC but not simultaneously.

9Q. How can I change my password?
A. Click Change Password under File menu. It leads you to change password window where you have to enter old password, enter New Password and Confirm New Password and click OK. And then new password will affect from when relogin the application.

10Q. If I forgot my password how can I retrieve it?
A. Click Forgot Password Link in the Login Screen and the User Name and Password will receive to registered Mobile number, but it has only limited time usage. If you not receive sms please contact service provider to reset your password.

11Q. Why I am getting message as “There was problem while authenticating your credentials” sometimes?
A. The message comes when you do not have access for authentication server mentioned in ‘Connection settings’ in Login screen. If you are in Internet, then it should be as server domain name with port or if LAN, it should be server LAN IP with port. Please check the same or contact
customer support.

12Q. If I get a message “Unable to update the new version, please check your security settings” while giving Auto Update, what should I do?
A. This can happen if you are using Vista or Windows 7:

a. Go to installed location. In this location you can see IM.exe file. Right click IM.exe file -> Go to “Property” -> Compatibility -> check “Run this program as Administrator” -> Click OK

b. Go to installed location (Ex: C:\Program Files\). In this location you can see product name folder, Right click on the Folder -> Go to “Property” -> Security -> Edit -> Add -> Advanced -> Find now -> select “Everyone” user / Which user you want -> OK -> OK -> Select selected user and give “Full Control” -> OK -> Run INFINI Power Application

If either of the above is not possible, please contact your system administrator

13Q. I find some symbol names do not appear. What should I do?
A. Go to File Menu, Click Download master and rerun the Application.

14Q. Windows Installer 3.1 is not installed in PC?

A. If Windows Installer 3.1 is not installed in your PC, then click on the Link below to install the Windows Installer 3.1.

15Q. I am able to login but Application is blank and no data shown?
A. Kindly check if you have given access to domain name, since the application downloads most of the information from this server. If you still have problem contact your service provider.

16Q. If Chart Intraday Chart data corrupted for some reasons?
A. Kindly Close all the charts opened in the Application and Go to File Menu->Clean up -> Intraday Chart Data option.

17Q. If Full Historical Chart Data for particular Scrip / Index not shown?
A. Kindly Click “Download Current Scrip History” Icon in the Chart Window, to get downloads the Full Historical Data of the particular Scrip / Index according to the application selected package.

18Q. I am unable to see Split / Bonus adjusted data?
A. Kindly Click “Download Current Scrip History” Icon in the Chart Window, to get adjusted Historical Data of the particular Scrip.

19Q. Link to XL Problem: # NA in XL and not updating

• Uninstall and Re-install application
• The application must be installed under administrator rights
• Windows 7 and Vista Users: Application must be installed under administrator rights, with “Everyone” checked and not “Just me”. Suppose if you get the problem still after doing the above step, you have to kindly follow the below steps :

a. After installing the application ,a desktop icon will be created
b. Then right click the application desktop icon and select properties
c. In properties window , you have to select compatibility tab then click Change settings for all
users, one dialog box will appear
d. Under privilege level, enable the Run this program as an administrator then click OK

• Other solutions if the above does not work:

a. For Excel 2002 and Excel 2003: Apply all patches
To examine or modify your security settings in Excel, on the Tools menu, click Macro, and select Security.
• When the security is set to High, the RTD server fails silently, and Excel displays #N/A in the worksheet cell.
• When the security is set to Medium, Excel displays a warning that the RTD server contains macros and asks the user whether to enable or disable them. If the macros are enabled, the RTD server runs correctly. If the macros are disabled, the RTD server fails and Excel displays #N/A in the worksheet cell.
• When the security is set to Low, the RTD server runs correctly without any security warnings.

b. For Office Excel 2007
In Excel 2007, RTD security is no longer tied to the macro security settings. Instead, RTD servers are governed by the Add-ins security settings. To examine or modify your add-in security settings, follow these steps:

• Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options.
• Click Trust Center and then click Trust Center Settings.
• In the Trust Center dialog box, click Add-ins.
• For Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you can review security settings by using the Trust Center. This can be accessed by from the Trust Center tab in the Excel Options dialog box. Please uncheck Disable all Application Add-ins
• Another solution for Link to Excel Problem:
• Go to Microsoft Excel 2007, Right Click and select Properties option. In properties window, select Compatibility tab and select the Compatibility Mode (Check Box value as Windows XP (Service Pack3)) and select Apply and OK Button.
• For Copy to Excel, Kindly Uncheck the Compatibility Mode Check box)) and select Apply and OK Button.

• Windows 7 and Vista Users: If the application is being installed under administrator rights, then “Everyone” must be checked not “Just me”. This could otherwise lead to problems while Auto updating the application
• If required enable the proxy settings under Connection Settings of Login screen.

20Q. To Register the Chart in the Application
• Copy the Application’s installation folder path.
• Open the command prompt on Run as Administrator.
• Paste the installation folder path in the command prompt. E.g.: “C :\> cd C:\Users\User\Documents\Application Name” and enter.
• Type “regsvr32 StockChartX.ocx” Display as: C:\Users\User\Documents\Application Name> regsvr32 StockChartX.ocx and press enter. Chart will register and it display as succeeded.
• Relogin the Application.

21Q. Current Intra Day Chart only showing in chart.

• Check the date and time format in the system.
• Change the time format to hh:mm tt
• Re login the application and check.
• If either of the above is not possible, please contact your administrator.

22Q. . Prescribed Format Report for Issues.
• Detailed Problem Description.
• Screen shot where possible (.jpg or .png).
• Trace file (Go to run command, type %appdata %-> DS-> Trace file with date.txt).
• OS version, CPU and Memory Performance.
• Using Latest Setup.