Here are the new uniform stamp duty applicable from July 1, 2020, across all States in India.     


New Uniform Stamp Duty

Segment/ Type of TradeNew RatesCharged On
Equity Cash Delivery0.015%Buyer
Equity         Futures0.002%Buyer
Equity Futures & Options on Settlement

                  Delivery Basis0.015%Receiver
                  Non-Delivery Basis0.003%Receiver
Commodity Futures0.002%Buyer
Currency & Interest Rate Futures & Options0.0001%Buyer
Mutual Funds 


Based on the exchange notification, above STAMP DUTY is charged to the clients for the market payin transactions.

For Off-Market transfers, client have to make the payment to the DP as stamp charges along with the DP Transaction charges and GST at the time of submission of Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) for Off-Market or Inter-Depository transfers.  In case of pledge, if the pledge invocation taken place, value of the transaction is  considered for the stamp duty.

Stamp duty applicable for the value of consideration mentioned in the INSTRUCTION by the client and the stamp duty value can be checked the below mentioned link.

Please find below the calculation of stamp duty for off-market transfer for NSDL & CDSL Account Holders:

Please click the below link for NSDL Off-Market transfer stamp duty calculator:

Please click the below link for CDSL Off-Market transfer stamp duty calculator: