To activate the MTF product  following three conditions are applicable.

1) You need to have a NSDL Demat Account with Tradeplus  

2) POA should have been given to your Demat Account

3) You should have access  to our Rocket Plus trading software as the MTF product is pre-configured with the required SEBI guidelines into our state of art trading software - RocketPlus

Here are steps to involved Activate MTF:

> Email your request to active Margin Trade Funding from your Registered Email ID 

> If you don't hold a POA enabled NSDL Demat Account with Tradeplus, you will receive a call from our Sales Team  to open one with . 

> If you already hold a POA NSDL Demat Account with Tradedplus, you will get call from our Support Desk to confirm activation of Rocket Plus (if you are not already subscribed to it) 

> If your account satisfies the 3 conditions explained above, MTF product will be enabled within 24 working hours.