What is a SIP Flexi Plan?

The SIP Flexi plan is a unique scheme designed by Tradeplus to provide investors with the flexibility and convenience to choose any desired frequency to invest without sticking to the predefined frequencies existing. The Flexi plan allows investor to choose each SIP installment with a different investment amount and on different dates within a period of 3 months. The order gets placed according to the details provided by the investor giving the investor utmost flexibility with the SIP investment. 

The systematic investment plan on INFINI MF is different from the traditional SIP we invest in. This SIP requires you to invest a certain initial investment which is specific to each scheme along with the first SIP. The rest of the SIPs invested hereafter are treated as additional investment. You can start your SIP investment by paying the initial investment and then choose a frequency to execute SIP orders. This information will be processed by the system and the admin will be prompted to carryout the investment when your SIP date falls due. These orders are then placed by the admin on behalf of you on the dates chosen by you.

 SIP orders will be processed on the basis of the frequency opted by the investor while placing the order. find below the options 

Processing Details
Every 7 days
Every 15 days
Every 30 days
Every 90 days
Order processed as per the date and amount of investment opted. This is a unique order type wherein each SIP instalment can be with different investment amount and on different dates within a period of 3 months.

Flexi SIP pop up:

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