To view your Trading account profile you first need to login to the Website Portal. Click here to know how to do this. If you already know, proceed with the next steps

Below are the steps to check the status of your Trading Account and the segments to which it has been enabled:


Step 1 : After logging in to website portal dashboard, click on "Back Office" menu.

Step 2: Click on the Link "My Profile" on Left top of the screen 


Step 3: In My profile section you can see the following details

General Tab: Here you can see your registered communication address, email ID and Mobile number.

Agreement Tab : Here you can see the details of your ID and address proof that you have submitted at the time of account opening

Registration Tab : Here you can see the segments that are enabled for your trading account and the date on which your accounts are opened for various segments. You can also see if your any segments are suspended or closed.

Bank Tab: Here you can see the details of your primary and secondary banks that you have registered and linked with your trading account. Note that in your depository account we cannot link multiple bank accounts and only 1 bank account would be registered which would be your primary bank account.

DP Tab : Here you can see the list of DP account that you have mapped to your trading account. Your primary DP is where your share payouts would go by default when you purchase shares.

Brokerage Tab : Here you can see the brokerage schemes that are mapped to the various segments related to your trading account. 

Click here if you would like to update / know how to update your account related details