PIS Bank Account: Payment for purchase of shares in secondary market in NRE mode has to be necessarily routed through this Account. The funding for your investments in Shares in secondary market of India should be done through this account only. Likewise the credit for sale proceeds of such shares ( funded from your PIS Bank account) will be credited to this account only. This Account cannot be used to make any other payments. 

Since Pay-in process is automated, all you have to do is fund the PIS Bank Account to tune of the amount you have planned to invest in the secondary market. Your Trading Account with us will be automatically updated for trading limits to the tune of the money available in PIS Bank Account thus enabling you to place purchase orders. If the purchase orders are executed the contract notes will be sent as a process to the Bank by Tradeplus and the Bank will validate and settle the purchases to Tradeplus.  

NON PIS Bank Acccount : Non PIS Bank Account is nothing but your Savings Bank Account ( SB NRI Account ) . This account  can be used for making all your other payments ( other than payments for investments in secondary market). The payments include the following:

> Payment for Investments in IPO 

> Payments for Investments in MF

> Payments for Investments in Bonds

> Payments for ESOP exercise 

> Payments for Promoter's share holding 

> Payments for non-brokerage charges including demat.

> Other payments not related to your  investments

Receipts into this account include dividend payments from the companies in which you have invested. These dividend payments get directly credited to your SB Account (Non PIS Bank Account). 

Special Investment Account: Investments in secondary market in NRO (Non repatriable) mode can be made through this special account. The basic difference between Special Investment account and PIS bank account is, the secondary market transaction executed in NRE status will be reported to RBI and hence routed through PIS  while the secondary market transactions executed in NRO mode will not be reported to RBI. Hence, it is routed through Special Investment account.