If the fund payout requested is in excess of the clear credit balance, then the available clear credit balance will be paid out to your selected bank account.

The request for the balance amount will be in pending status for another 2 days and if there is clear balance available any time within the next 2 days of request, then the balance amount will also be paid out to you. If balance amount is not available within next 2 days of payout request then this request would be rejected.

For example: 

You have clear credit of Rs. 50,000 on (T day) today and you have sold shares worth another Rs. 25,000 (T-1) yesterday. Now you make a payout request for Rs. 75,000 on T day. In such a case, Rs. 50,000 will be paid out to you next day (T+1) day before 11 a.m. and the balance amount will be kept pending and paid out on T+2 day.