Tradeplus RMS can close your positions under the following scenarios:

1) If required margins are not available for the open positions. End of the day communications include Margin reports. You need to ensure that sufficient funds are available in your account at any point of time. Your position can be squared off at the discretion of our RMS team either with or without prior notice square off the position if sufficient margin are not available in your account.   

2) Bracket Order / Cover Order / Intraday (MIS) positions will be closed 30 minutes before the close of the market. The positions can be squared off even beyond the scheduled square off time. We suggest  you to square off your positions before the scheduled square off time 

3) If the Marked to Market (MTM) losses exceed 60% your positions can be squared off. RMS can Square off anytime after the MTM losses crosses 60% depending upon the volatility of the market. 

4) Shares pledged for collateral purposes can be squared off if there is a drop in the value of collateral margins. If you have incurred loss in trading using Collateral margin, the loss amount should be funded immediately in your account in cash. Shares in pledge will be unpledged to sell to the tune of the loss amount not funded. 

5) If the value of shares in Client Unpaid Securities Account (CUSA) is less than 110% of Debit Amount. RMS can at its discretion sell the shares anytime after the value of shares held in CUSA reaches 110%