Subscription Management Portal (SMP)



The terms and conditions that will apply to the Subscription Management Portal and Package(s) are detailed below for the trading in the segments of Equity, Currency and Commodity. The clients are requested to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions before subscribing /opting for these Value Pack and Base Pack services.


1.   Definitions


  1. Subscription Management Portal (SMP), means the online facility provided by the company to its clients to subscribe to the Base packages (s) and Value Package(s) for trading in Commodity, Currency and Equity segments. Client can also refer their friends and see the status of the referrals on the SMP. SMP can be accessed through the trading system.
  2. Subscription, means, purchasing the Base package or Value package(s) online from the company’s Portal, or through the client service desk, by e-mail or call facility.
  3.  Base package, means, brokerage plans for various segments to which the client wishes to subscribe.
  4.  Value Pack Package(s): Package(s) offered by us in addition to our Base Package(s) and may be opted by the client at his/her sole discretion in addition to the Base Package chosen by the client. The Value packs are value added services, subscription to Trading tools etc.
  5.  Period, means, the validity of each package,
  6.  TPIN: Telephone PIN allotted to every client to place order through Call N trade desk.






  1. The client may at any time request to activate a pack to which he/she has not subscribed to and/or deactivate a pack to which he/she has already subscribed to as per the relevant terms and conditions prescribed from time to time.
  2. Client can logon to the Subscription Management Portal, and can subscribe to Base Pack and subscribe / unsubscribe to Value pack. For unsubscribing to the base pack the client should send an email to from the registered e-mail ID.
  3. Client can also refer their friend and see the status of their referral on the SMP. 
  4. Client can view and change their TPIN through the SMP.
  5.  The Base Packs are offered segment wise only, and the client can buy these package(s) segment wise for trading accordingly.
  6. Upon required notice to the client, the Company reserves the right, at any time, without liability to   : (i) replace or otherwise withdraw / introduce new Packages, (ii) change or modify the prices of the package(s).
  7. Value Pack (s) need to be subscribed separately for availing the value added services.




  1. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the client is authorizing the company to automatically charge the Subscriber account for the Subscription Fee and for any other payments or charges on the due date for such amounts.
  2. The Company reserves the right to vary the prices for the packages from time to time. Please refer to the Subscription Management Portal for current pricing information and for other information regarding pricing of the packages.
  3. Unless otherwise specified by the company, the client is responsible and liable for the payment of all taxes, duties, levies and charges imposed by or under any Law in connection with the Service.
  4. The Company shall debit the client trading ledger with the required subscribed package(s) amount with the appropriate taxes.
  5.  The company reserves the right to add/ withdraw /delete the complimentary/ free trial Value/base Pack subscriptions even while the client is subscribed to the same.
  6.  All Value Pack subscriptions will be automatically renewed upon the expiry and the required amount would be debited to client trading ledger. 
  7. If at any time, if the client deactivates the base packs for any segment, the brokerage rates Plan/structure changes automatically to the default brokerage rates/plan.
  8. When the client subscribes to any Value Pack the entire subscription fee pertaining to the package(s) is debited immediately to the client trading ledger along with applicable taxes.
  9. When client subscribes to Base pack the billing happens on first trade in that segment and the billing amount is debited to the trading ledger of the client.
  10. If there is an insufficient balance in the client’s trading ledger, the value pack renewal would not happen. Client is given 5 days of grace time to fund the trading ledger and renew the value pack. Is still not renewed by funding the trading ledger within 5 days of expiry, then the value pack subscription would stop and the service would be dis-continued.
  11. The complimentary or free trial value pack will be renewed automatically upon the expiry, if it is not deactivated or discontinued by the client.
  12. For more details on Base pack and value pack billing click here


Client Acceptance of Subscription Management Portal terms and conditions stated herein above:


I have fully understood the same and do hereby agree not to call into question the validity, enforceability and applicability of any provision/clauses this document any circumstances what so ever. These Subscription Management  Portal terms   may  be  amended/   changed  unilaterally  by   the  company,  provided   the  change  is informed to me with through any one or more means or methods. I agree never to challenge the same on any grounds including delayed receipt/ non receipt or any other reasons whatsoever. The SMP terms shall always be read along with the policies and procedures and shall be compulsorily referred to while deciding any dispute, difference or claim between me and Company before any court of law/judicial/adjudicating authority including arbitrator/mediator etc.