Process of opening an NRO Trading and Demat is much simpler than opening an NRE account.

  1. Any NRO savings Bank account is enough for opening a Trade account. It is not necessary to have a PIS bank account which is an additional account and carries its own charges
  2. NRO account enables a client to trade in  F&O trading at just Rupees 49 per executed trade, do INTRADAY trading, take leverage and avail Margin Trading facility 
  3. NRO account does not need a PIS account and this saves the PIS transaction charges which are otherwise levied for NRE accounts.
  4. Facility to map Multiple NRO bank accounts to the Trading account.
  5. Facility to invest in stocks which are otherwise banned for investment under NRE status. 
  6. Facilitates online fund transfer
  7. Facility to Trade Intra day, BTST and to avail Margin Trade Funding
  8. Facilitates online fund transfer

Operations of NRE and NRO Accounts





All Equity transactions will be reported to Bank. 

Transactions will not be reported to Bank

Fund Transfer

Fund transfers are  directly done by the bank based on the contract notes generated


Funds can be transferred online by clients using Payment Gateway 

Tax deduction at Source (TDS)

TDS will be deducted by Bank for which they charge

TDS will be deducted by Tradeplus at 0 cost


Equity Cash

Equity Cash and Derivatives


Funds should be available in advance before placing orders

a) Can keep the account funded or

b) Can use stock collateral to buy stocks and pay later



No leverage will be provided

Leverage will be provided like resident accounts. Read More

Margin Trading Funding (MTF)

No funding can be availed

MTF can be enabled online instantly 

Intra Day Trading

Strictly not allowed

Can trade Intra Day and do BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow)


No limits to repatriate funds

Funds can be repatriated up to $2 billion in a year by providing an Auditors certificate for which Tradeplus provides assistance