Yes, if you open an account online (Aadhaar based e-sign) you will need to print out, fill & sign the below-mentioned documents and send the below forms to the Tradeplus Head Office:

1. POA (Power Of Attorney) for equity delivery trades , if you are opening a Trading with Demat Account.

POA is a document which gives us the authorization to debit your shares from your DEMAT account whenever you sell your shares. Your account will be activated on receipt of the signed POA forms. Please note that POA cannot be signed online.

2. ECN (Electronic Contract Note):  IF have opted for Commodity Segment in the KYC, your account will be  activated for receiving physical contract notes till we receive the duly signed ECN. The requirement of Physically signed ECN is specific requirement of MCX. Please note that ECC request cannot be signed online. Read more .......

3. A Nomination form in case you would like to nominate after opening your account. Please note that Nomination Form cannot be signed online.

You could courier the above-mentioned forms to our head office as mentioned below: 

Leads Processing Team (LMT)

TRADEPLUS , C/O Navia Markets Ltd 

No 9, Ganga Griha, 4th Floor

Nungambakkam High Road

Chennai - 600034 . Phone: 044 39189448/449