How to refer:

  1. Call 044 49427500 and give the contact details of your friend with your referral code to our Business executive OR
  2. Logon to website and go to SMP menu on the Client Dashboard and update your friends' details. OR
  3. Share your personalized URL below to your friends network. Each and every account opened through this URL will be mapped to you for referral benefits UCC

If your UCC is 88884444 your personalised URL shall be 

Isn't it easy......Start sharing your personalized URL to your friends on Whatsapp, Tiwtter, FB and email contacts

Option 3 and 4 are recommended as they are the most convenient and effective options to refer a friend. 


> You should have an account with Tradeplus

> The friend whom you refer should open an account with us and trade for a volume of atleast 5 k in 30 days of account opening 

What is your benefit

You earn Rs.500/ - per account activated  upto 5 accounts in a Calendar quarter.  You will get Rs.1000/- per active account referred beyond 5 accounts in a calendar quarter. You will be eligible for an additional bonus of Rs.1000 per account beyond 50 accounts refered in a quarter. You get Rs.2000/- per account from the 51st account activated in a calendar quarter. 

The amount will be credited to your SMP Wallet once your friend clocks a volume of 5k within a period of 30 days from the date of account opening. Click here to see a detailed calculation of the same.

What is your friend's benefit: 

Your friend is freed from the clutches of Brokerage by opening Zero Brokerage Trading Account with Tradeplus. He can also avail a cash back of Rs.200/-  if your friend starts trading within 3 days of account opening. For assistance our Client Activation Team can be contacted on 044 39189483

What are the terms and conditions:

  • Your friend should have traded for a volume of atleast 5k within 30 days of account opening 
  • Sum of transactions done in all segments will be considered for calculating the volume
  • In case of Options Trading, Traded value will be calculated on strike price 
  • Referral  credit will be given to the SMP wallet of the referrer and the referred client respectively. All terms governing the SMP will apply.

Need more info on the Client Referral Plan ? Email 

IF you are looking for recurring income based on the business given by your referral clients in addition to one time payment, become a Tradeplus Partner. Email for more details