1. For a customer to purchases a fund the money will be debited from his/her 'Trading account' ( ref available balance ).

2. The purchase amount is initially credited in the 'Trading account' ref to (1).

3. This is debited from the 'Trading account' and credited to the BSE start MF account ref to (2).

3. This money is now credited in the mutual fund account ref no (3). 

4. The money will be credited to the general ledger.

5.Then it will be debited from general ledger and reversed entry will be made refer no. 4

6. The amount will be sent for settlement (BSE STARE ) and the debit entry will be made from MF account refer no.5 

7. This debit reversal entry is made to balance the MF ledger account refer no.6 

The entry will be made in client holding account for order purchased.