A stock, on which option and future contracts are proposed to be introduced, shall confirm to the following broad eligibility criteria:-

i) The stock shall be choosen from amongst the top 500 stocks in terms of average daily market capitalization and average daily traded value in the previous 6 months on a rolling basis.

ii) The stocks median quarter-sigma order size over the last 6 months, on a rolling basis, shall not be less than Rs.25 Lakh.

iii) The market wide position limit in the stock shall not be less than Rs.500 Crore on a rolling basis, and

iv) Average daily delivery value in the cash market shall not be less than Rs.10 Crore in the previous 6 months on a rolling basis

Above criteria are to be met for a continuous period of 6 months. 

As per NSE Circular No.NSE/FAOP/37594 dated April 236, 2018, 46 stocks are selected for physical settlement.  Please click here to know the list of stocks which are moved in to physical settlement.